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​​Motorcycle Rider
Education Program

Established in 1992 to help new riders learn the needed skills on the roadways to be safe, as well as veteran riders to hone and improve their skills. The program is paid for in part by a portion of all motorcycle license and registration fees to help subsidize the costs of providing the classes.

The program is administered through the 

Kentucky Transportation Cabinet's Office of Highway Safety 

and overseen by the Motorcycle Safety Education Commission.

Program Basics

After July 15, 2023 successful completion of the Basic Rider Course (BRC), and at sites which provide the motorcycle the 3-Wheel Basic Rider Course (3WBRC), will waive BOTH the written and skills testing towards your motorcycle endorsement. There is no waiting period or permit requirement. Take your completion paperwork to a KYTC licensing branch to update your license. Click here for details​. ​

If you wish to get your motorcycle endorsement the traditional way, you can schedule a time to take the written test with the Kentucky State Police. Click here to schedule your written test.​ The same link will allow you to take the skills test, after you have held the instructional permit for at least 30 days.

The course is FREE to minors (under 18). They must have their automobile Intermediate license first before applying to the course. 

Minors (under 18) cannot be on the roads between Midnight and 6:00am except for certain instances.

KY recognizes rider ed course courses from all other states provided that course is recogized by that state for the purpose of a license waiver.

Military personnel, their spouses and dependents living out of state can take an approved course to add a motorcycle endorsement to their license. Click here for details​

Motorcycle instruction permits are good for one year and can only be renewed once. After that, you can take one of the skills waiver courses or start all over with the written test to obtain your instructional permit.

Instruction permit holders are not allowed to carry passengers and MUST wear a helmet on the roadways.

All riders and passengers under the age of 21 MUST wear a helmet on the roadways and / or if you have held your motorcycle endorsement for less than one (1) year.

All riders MUST wear eye protection at all times.

Ever wanted to teach others how to ride? To become an instructor, click on the tab above that says Becoming an Instructor.

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Courses Offered

Learn about the different types of Motorcycle Safety Courses offered, as well as the benefits and what you'll need to bring.

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Get Training

Find one of many Training Centers across the Commonwealth that are able to provide Motorcycle Training Courses.

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